How to Interview for a Job like James Bond

For Your Films Only on Twitter: "#30DaysofJamesBond 4. Favourite Timothy  Dalton scene. Love this from License To Kill when Bond meets Sanchez. “More  of a problem eliminator.” Hard as nails and Fleming's

Now that the global pandemic is in the beginning of the end, many workers will have to make a tough career choice. Do you they stay in the current Zoom world at home, or return to their old life of working in the office? If you are choosing the latter, you are going to need to shake off the job interviewing cobwebs. I am here to give you guidance, James Bond guidance.

You can look back at past Bond actors, and the character himself, for some of these answers. For example, body language can say a lot. According to Bond producers Broccoli and Saltzman, Sean Connery moved like a panther. Now I do not recommend walking on all fours during your interview, but be like Sean and have purpose in your movements. Act like you belong.

Speaking of acting like you belong. Nothing wrong with a little irrational confidence either. Look at George Lazenby. He straight up lied his way into becoming James Bond. Hard to lie on a resume and to your future employers these days, but back in 1968 George went for it and succeeded. He did some smooth talking during his interviews/auditions and so can you. Fudge up your resume just a tad.

It is also important to remind yourself to not want it so badly. Daniel Craig pulled this strategy off successfully when he landed the part for Casino Royale. It seemed as if the more he acted like he wasn’t interested, the more the head boss wanted him. Nothing wrong with letting your future employer know that you could take it or leave it. Come to think of it, this is pretty much how Craig plays his Bond anyway!

Image of Hire me or fire me. It's entirely up to you.

When it comes to James Bond himself, there are some interviewing lessons to be learned from the films:

  • Make sure you have your facts together just like Bond (aka Mr. Fisher) did when speaking with Mr. Osato at Osaka Chemicals.
You Only Live Twice: Bond's Blue Suit in Japan » BAMF Style

  • Maybe you want to play it free and easy in your job interview like Bond acted in Zorin’s office. When given a choice… take both.
Image of - Or speed? - Well, a little of both would be ideal.

  • When asked if you are a problem solver, take a page out of Bond’s interview book with Sanchez and drop in the “problem eliminator” line. Just lose the sardonic laughter. To be honest, you could take most Bond’s interview answers to Sanchez and turn it into a winning interview method.

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