Is James Bond a Kleptomaniac?

Oh that sticky fingered 007!

As fans of the Bond franchise know, continuity has never been its specialty. Before the Daniel Craig era, James Bond would go from movie to movie, mission to mission, with very little thread connecting them. Now with No Time To Die, we are getting an end to Craig’s five film-story arc.

Most film historians, and Bond fans, agree that everything from Sean Connery’s Dr. No to Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day is about one man and his many dangerous missions. Twenty to be exact.

All of which makes two scenes truly fascinating to me and I am prepared to label James a kleptomaniac.

In George Lazenby’s solo Bond effort (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) they go through great lengths to visually say (in all caps) THIS IS THE SAME CHARACTER SEAN PLAYED!!!

We get a rare look inside Bond’s office and in pic #1 we see him pull out Honey Ryder’s iconic hip knife belt. When did Bond steal this from Honey? I’m pretty sure Dr. No’s goons took that from her. During the whole commotion at the end of the film maybe he went to the Crab Key lost & found and picked it up for her. Still doesn’t explain why he would keep it as a memento. That’s a little serial killer-ish James.

Picture #2 has Lazenby’s Bond taking out Red Grant’s garrote-watch from his classic train tussle in From Russia With Love. This one makes a little more sense as a Bond keepsake. He almost lost his life to Grant, so why not keep that cool weapon as a reminder of cheating death. I do think Bond should have worn it and used it in a future fight. What do you think, Old Man?

In Pierce Brosnan’s final 007 adventure Die Another Day, he takes a stroll through the Q branch lab and we see the mother of all Bond Easter eggs. The jet pack, the crocodile human submarine, Acrostar jet, etc.

The one that always catches my eye is Rosa Klebb’s poison knife shoe. Keeping in mind that Brosnan’s Bond is Connery’s Bond, did James take that off her foot after she had her kicks and bring it to Q? Were any of the 00 agents going to wear it in the field? And what does the inside of Klebb’s deadly shoe smell like?

What else should Bond have knicked while he was out in the field?

  • Have MI6 raid Goldfinger’s lab and carry out that laser!
  • Mr. Wint’s perfume/aftershave!
  • Tee-Hee’s claw arm! Bond shouldn’t have tossed it out!
  • Scaramanga’s golden gun! C’mon now!
  • Take Kara’s cello!
  • Let’s get really creepy! Go the Isthmus City beauty salon and collect Pam’s hair!

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