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11/4/2019 Daniel Craig talks NO TIME TO DIE

8/20/2019 The title for the next Bond film is “No Time To Die”

7/22/2019 David Hedison (Felix Leiter) passes away at 92

7/16/2019 Car chase to be filmed in Scotland 

7/12/2019 Christoph Waltz returning as Blofeld 

7/9/2019 Daniel Kleinman returns to do Bond 25 Title Sequence

7/2/2019 Dan Romer to compose Bond 25 score

6/28/2019 “A Reason To Die” was to be the title for Bond 25

6/25/2019 First Footage of BOND 25 in Jamaica 

6/20/2019 Prince Charles visits Bond 25 set

6/16/2019 Craig working out, despite injured foot

6/4/2019 Explosion on Bond 25 set

5/30/2019 Bond 25 plot involves Human Genetic Engineering 

5/13/2019 Daniel Craig injures ankle

5/10/2019 Filming wrapped in Jamaica 

4/25/2019 Bond 25 press conference 

4/23/2019 GMA with Bond 25 scoop this Thursday and Friday

4/14/2019 Phoebe Waller-Bridge (writer) brought on to “feminize” Bond 25

3/29/2019 First footage from Bond 25 shooting in Norway

3/26/2019 Shooting begins on untitled Bond film, without finished script, without main casting completed

3/18/2019 James Bond to drive electric Aston Martin

2/27/2019 Rami Malek in final negotiations to play Bond 25 villain 

2/16/2019 Scott Z. Burns rewriting Bond 25 script

2/15/2019 Bond 25 pushed from Feb 2020 to April 2020

2/4/2019 Emma Stone and Dakota Johnson rumored to be next Bond Girls

2/4/2019 Norway, Italy, Greece RUMORED to be locations for BOND 25

1/2/2019 Paul Haggis worked on Bond 25 script

12/7/2018 Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes all returning for Bond 25; Rami Malek considered for main villain

11/17/2018 Fukunaga talks Bond

9/20/2018 Cary Fukunaga to direct 

9/14/2018 Purvis & Wade working on Bond 25 script

9/5/2018 EON Looking at Three Directors to Replace Boyle

8/21/2018 DANNY BOYLE OUT!

8/21/2018 New photo of Daniel Craig as 007 in Omega ad

7/17/2018 Bond 25 Casting Call

7/3/2018 Daniel Craig visits the CIA

6/24/2018 007 Elements

6/21/2018 Mark Strong in Bond 25? 

6/9/2018 First ever “Bond Girl” passes away 

5/30/2018 Daniel Craig filming scenes for Bond 25 or doing a Heineken commercial? 

5/24/2018 Bond moves to Universal

5/8/2018 Angelina Jolie for main villain? Lily James for leading lady? 

4/11/2018 Daniel Craig (briefly) discusses Bond 25

4/4/2018 Boyle/Hodge officially on board; Rights still up for grabs

3/9/2018 Boyle/Hodge Bond 25 Idea Back On

3/5/2018 Danny Boyle and Yann Demange both out of the running for directing Bond 25

2/20/2018 Danny Boyle Becomes Frontrunner to Direct Next Bond Movie

1/1/2018 Denis Villeneuve explains why he turned down Bond 25

12/24/2017 Barbara Broccoli Talks Bond Producing

12/16/2017 How the Disney-Fox Merger Affects the James Bond Franchise

12/4/2017 Roger Moore’s “Live And Let Die” Personal Diary Re-release 

11/12/2017 Annapurna & MGM Close To Bond Distribution Deal

11/9/2017 Denis Villeneuve Will Not Direct  


11/8/2017 Bond Girl in ‘You Only Live Twice,’ Dies