Thoughts on Final Two NO TIME TO DIE Trailers

After nearly two years, we are only one month away. The hype machine for No Time To Die really brought it today. We received a U.S. trailer and an international trailer. Some old stuff, but also some new bits of movie eye candy. Check them out and my notes…

My NTTD (final) Trailer(s) Notes:

  • Not feeling the MGM CGI lion.
  • I like the idea of showing Craig’s past Bond adventures, leading up to now.
  • Clearly we are getting a flashback of young Madeleine shooting Safin.
  • Trying to do the math here. Just how old is Safin?
  • I think we are dealing with a plot involving genetics and perhaps even cloning.
  • Safin is using people as hosts for his virus? Hmmmm?
  • Why is Bond looking at his own hands with such a depressed look? Has his DNA been stolen? Has he been infected with a virus?
  • It appears Safin is romantically infatuated with Madeleine. This could get creepy.
  • I have a strange feeling Safin makes a clone of James Bond. Hope I am wrong.
  • When the Aston Martin is being shot up you can see how much James has had it with Madeleine.
  • I am digging the look of the henchman, Primo. For your EYE only? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
  • It seems like Bond and the rest of the MI6 crew won’t trust Madeleine for most of the picture.
  • Looks like Bond/Paloma will be at odds with Nomi in the Cuba scene.
  • I love the Q line that quickly cuts to Bond blowing stuff up.
  • This movie feels like it will truly end the Craig era. I am just not sure how.

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